Digicel launches DL600


Digicel Trinidad and Tobago launched its first branded 4G-capable smartphone handset, the DL600, on Thursday at a special media event at Flair Restaurant, Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain.

“When we entered the mobile market seven years ago, we came with a mission to make cellphones available to all,” the company’s chief operating officer, Sacha Thompson, told the audience.

Trinidad and Tobago will be the first market in which the DL600 is available; by next week, it will be launched throughout Digicel’s Caribbean market.

Digicel was the first to launch a 4G network onto the local market, almost exactly one year ago.

“Back then, the cheapest device we had was $999. Then we introduced the Alcatel handset range, starting at $799. Two weeks ago, we launched the 4G-capable Cellon handset, from $299, and today, we launch the DL600 for $499 pre-paid and free on a post-paid plan,” she said.

The DL600 is made by French telecoms equipment company Alcatel and is powered by the Android Jellybean 4.1 operating system, so customers can access the full range of apps featured on that platform. It has a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, front and back cameras, FM radio, and comes with a four gigabyte memory card.

One audience member remarked that the phone would be the ultimate Car­nival device because it would allow partygoers to do everything they want —upload photos, tweet, text—and because of the price, not be too worried if it gets lost or stolen, as opposed to a high­er-end handset.

The phone’s target is 16 to 24-year-olds, and the company has launched a social media campaign on its Facebook fan page to choose the DL600’s brand ambassador from among its 188,000 Facebook fans. (Trinidad Express)